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Re: Is this a hacking attempt?

Le 2015-01-20 12:40, Marko Randjelovic a écrit :
I was running Wheezy Iceweasel with vanilla 3.14 kernel with grsec. I
tried to play video on YouTube with gnash plugin but Iceweasel crashed
with alike messages

execution attempt in ...
Terminating task /usr/lib/iceweasel/iceweasel

Full log can be found on http://paste.lisp.org/+343V


My understanding from the grsec logs you pasted is that gnash tried to allocate more memory than your RLIMIT-MEMLOCK limit (65536), and this is the reason why gnash crashed. I wouldn't hint this is sufficient to conclude in hacking. Flash is known well enough for eating a lot of memory at times. I would suggest either to try playing "similar" flash from trusted sources (good luck finding them though, maybe @adobe.com - One might also believe youtube.com is a trusted source ) and see if the plugin crashes on them too ; or maybe to raise limit progressively to see where it is accepted.

As a side note, youtube supports HTML5, and if your browser had no flash support at all but HTML5 support, then you, your grsec kernel, and all kittens in the world could just be delighted and still have youtube content played fine.



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