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Re: Checking for services to be restarted on a default Debian installation

Thijs Kinkhorst <thijs@debian.org> (2014-09-01):
> My questions to this list:
> - Do people agree that this would be something that's good to have in
>   a default installation? Are there drawbacks?

Having to know about debian-goodies always looked awkward to me. A
dedicated, easy to identify package looks like a nice idea to me.

> - If agreed, how would we approach this? I have to admit that I do not
>   know who decides what is part of a default install or where this is
>   implemented.

(Hopefully the following isn't too far from reality, just had a very
quick look.)

That would be the standard task, defined in tasksel (tasks/standard)
with “Packages: standard”, which pulls packages with that priority;
FWIW that task is a bit special since it's not defined as a task-$foo


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