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Re: Debians security features in comparison to Ubuntu

On 05/16/2014 04:11 PM, Riku Valli wrote:
On 16.05.2014 22:38, herzogbrigitte1@t-online.de wrote:
Hello there,

There is some info




Practically Ubuntu is snapshot of Debian testing with some Debian
unstable packages with unity desktop.


I think at with security related there are very little of differencies
and most in case you can quite easily enable security mechanics to
Debian if some is enabled default at Ubuntu but not in Wheezy.


There are some differencies root vs sudo, but i think at overall
security level is quite same, but Ubuntu's universe repo isn't same
level at quality as Ubuntu's main. I think at Debian owns bigger high
quality repos than Ubuntu, but Ubuntu have newer packages, but for me
Wheezy is enough bleeding edge even with desktop.

Yes i know there lot of differnt opions about stable and desktop use,
but for me i am quite satisfied today's policy which upgrades browser's,
firmwares at timely manner.

Regards, Riku

I'm a new user of the great Debian distro for my Desktop. But when I talked to a friend and I told him, that I'm using Debian (Wheezy) for my desktop computer, he told me that I shoudn't use it because it is not secure. He told me to use Ubuntu instead. He explained that with the fact, that Ubuntu has more security features enabled than Debian (also more compiler flags for security) in a fresh install. He gave me a link to the following site:

So, I'm very happy with Debian but because my friend seems to be an expert for Linux, I don't know if I can use Debian. Can you tell me which of the security features promoted by Ubuntu are also enabled in Debian?

Thank you very much!

Brigitte Herzog

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Any system (Even Windows.) is as secure as you put into it. Though out of the box I think Debian Stable is probably more secure as the packages are allowed more of an LTS cycle than Ubuntu.

The biggest security hole is the user, not the software. If you're security minded, or even paranoid, you can harden Debian to ridiculous degrees.


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