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Re: Default valid shells and home dir permissions

Poison Bit <poisonbit@gmail.com> wrote:
> Why filter to those in /etc/shells ? I mean... the filter should be
> applied by the system :)

Mainly because it's a convenient list of "real" shells, and some of the
remote service applications require a shell to be in that list. FTP is
one such that springs to mind. As a counter example, /bin/false is a
possible shell but it doesn't provide a particularly useful environment
for the user. You could change the scriptlet to check for the 7th column
being either empty or an executable file if you preferred.

> But neither of both codes take in mind if there is sudo in the system,
> and what is gained in its config.

I don't recall the OP mentioning access via sudo. (BICBW.)

> Also, neither of both codes think about ForceCommand in ssh... So I
> maybe listed as /bin/bash, but I me be able only of run /usr/bin/cal
> once as my shell and get kicked.

ForceCommand requires an interactive shell-like login on the target,
so I don't believe that's relevant here.


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