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Re: Bug#645881: critical update 29 available

* Moritz Muehlenhoff:

> As for stable/oldstable: I noticed that Red Hat provided packages for
> update 29 for RHEL 4 (RHEL 5 onwards use OpenJDK): 
> http://lwn.net/Articles/463919/

If anyone remembers the rationale behind the DLJ, perhaps they can
check if the current BCL matches our needs, too?  The licensing
conditions for the stock JDK distribution probably have changed since
the Oracle acquisition, and perhaps these changes are sufficient to
permit redistribution by Debian.

I have also uploaded the fixes for openjdk-6 to security-master (for
squeeze).  It's currently stuck in the unchecked queue, along with the
still-missing previous update for lenny.

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