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Re: Debian LTS?

> LTS doesn't mean to back-port everything like RedHat does. Just to
> allow for the System to be more up to date with special feature or
> have to be intime Software. So that you have a supported Database all
> the time and so that it keep being supported.

One person's essential features is another's backwards-incompatible
change.  Driver updates to support new hardware are somewhat risky,
but often welcomed.  Even pure performance improvements can break
existing setups.

The other area where tough choices would be required is the list of
packages under long-term support.

I don't see a good way to make determinations in these areas without a
foundation/coop structure, which ensures that long-term support
matches the member requirements, both technical and administrative.

By the way, I don't think LTS will help large deployments much.  For
them, it will likely be more cost-effective to pay their own staff to
maintain their customized distribution.  It might make sense for
mid-size deployments, but this means that more stakeholders need to be

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