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Re: Lenny version info

On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 7:10 AM, Ashley Taylor <ashley@getdarker.com> wrote:
> Sorry, this is the way Gmail handles replies.

No, it's the way YOU handle replies. Gmail happens to place the cursor
at the top of the email, setting you up for a jeopardy reply. It's
trivial to scroll down a little and type within the message in the
proper location and avoid top-posting.

I know this is the case because I'm doing it right now. And I even
managed to delete the extraneous text that doesn't pertain to the
conversation. Don't blame gmail for your laziness.

> I hope it's annoying for you like these pointless e-peen stroking bitch
> replies are agitating me (and yes, this is one of those replies).

I don't do it because it's annoying to you, that's just an added bonus.

Since the thread has already devolved and because anyone with a decent
email client who doesn't want to see the thread continue has marked it
dead, I thought that it wouldn't matter too much to reply and add to
it. Match on a bonfire, as it were.

I'd much rather see security discussions on this list, rather than
having to educate people in the ways of how the intarwebs works, how
to google and how to write a proper reply on a technical mailing list.



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