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RE: Lenny version info

To the rest of you....what is wrong with you?
If you don't want to help, don't. Stop wasting time. Did it ever ocur to you that not everyone out there likes using a search engine? I was directed to debian-security by an ex-colleague since one of our servers uses debian. So I used it to ask a question that wasn't exactly related to security (although if you must know, it stemmed from another discussion on debian-security that did relate to security and one of my concerns was the version number of my system). So what? The responses I've received from you make me feel like I've committed a crime against humanity!

dear ash,

well, isn't that a basic problem inside the web community?
i see it nearly every day:

"use google"
"use the search function"
"my parents failed at breeding, and my education stopped since kindergarten"

ppl out there so damn bored about their daily life, they have nothing better todo then to troll and flame others because of a "stupid question" (there are no stupid questions (mostly), only stupid answers) - that way they can prove their supreme intelligence (<- thats sarcasm, google wiki for it ... ).

i tell my "real life" friends to google for problems from time to time too, but thats because they are just to lazy (mostly windows users ;-)).

i think it's ok to tell ppl to user google, but in the same time: tell them the answer to their questions too.
search engines are based on search tags, when someone searches with the "wrong" words, it can take hours to find an answer.

maybe i will ask a "stupid apache question" this week, be ready for impact!

greetings from the great old world,

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