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Re: CVE-2009-3555 not addressed in OpenSSL

> Debian, being a volunteer organization, has it's upsides and
> downsides.  The downside here being without an active volunteer
> interested in this problem, nothing has happened.
> What is needed here is someone to step up to the plate: file some bugs;
> try to find the patches; backport and test them; etc.  Bottom line,
> a little work and communication with maintainers of the affected
> packages would go a long way toward resolving this.

That was my initial goal in initiating this conversation.  I provided
a link to the patches already:


I installed the jaunty package on my lenny machines and the ff error
console warning is gone:


It appears to work but whenever a package as critical as openssl is
modified it's important to have upstream take a look to make sure
everything looks good.  Ubuntu may or may not have done this, I
haven't done the leg work to figure that out but it looks like that
could be the next step.  If I/we/whoever can verify this or gain the
blessing of upstream would you consider updating the package Kurt if I
also coordinate this with the Debian apache and nginx packagers?



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