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Re: Broken signature for DSA-2040-1

On Mon, 3 May 2010 00:47:25 +0200 Sebastien Delafond wrote:

> On May/02, Francesco Poli wrote:
> > Could it be a Sylpheed bug?
> We've narrowed it down to an encoding issue: the original DSA email was
> sent as ISO-8859-1, and mutt was able to verify it just fine; however,
> on a system using UTF-8, any kind of pasting of the original text will
> produce a file that gpg does not verify:

The fact is that I didn't perform any pasting: even running "gpg
--verify" directly on the message file fails (Sylpheed stores e-mail
messages in MH format, hence each message is on a separate file).

I received the message encoded as quoted-printable: maybe something in
the middle performed some re-encoding, that broke the signature?

However, that does not explain why Mutt is able to correctly verify
the signature...
Damn Mutt, always one step beyond!  ;-)

> that'll teach me to include the
> "é" in my firstname instead of a plain "e" ;)

Wouldn't we be better off using PGP/MIME signed messages (RFC 2015)
in order to avoid encoding issues?
As far as I've heard, clear-signed e-mail messages are deprecated precisely
because of this kind of signature breakages, due to possible re-encoding.

Any thoughts?

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