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Re: jedit_4.3.1+dfsg-1_amd64.changes REJECTED


> I would proceed in this way:
> bsh: add bsh-src binary creation
> jedit:
> - remove Debian bsh sources (added to the rejected package [2])
> - add bsh-src as builddep

I think if you do a versioned builddep (exact version) then at the very latest
an archive rebuild will ensure that jedit gets fixed after a security upload.
Unless, of course, the security team does rdep checks anyway.

> - apply jedit patch and build against patched bsh.
> - switch to "public" package like bsh so if someone wanted to
> write a reflection/AOP patch, it would easily be done without asking.
> Would it be rejected again?

That now seems to be the security team's decision.


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