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Re: jedit_4.3.1+dfsg-1_amd64.changes REJECTED

* Gabriele Giacone:

> For example openjdk-6-source: source code is in both orig tarball and
> openjdk-6-source binary package. This is a duplication, isn't it?

First, the duplication refers to source packages.  Second,
openjdk-6-source is like the emacs*-el packages, it provides IDE
navigation support.

> Regarding jedit, what about adding the creation of bsh-src binary
> package, adding bsh-src to jedit's Build-Depends and applying jedit
> patch at build time?

You could use reflection or AOP for that so that you don't need source
code at all.

However, the correct way is to get the changes you need into the
upstream version, or adjust the client code.  We do this for non-Java
code all the time.

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