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Re: squirrelmail package in lenny

imho, deborphan only tells you which packages are not used by other packages on your system. but in the case i told, the etch php4 package is used (by squirrelmail) under lenny (when you upgrade from etch to lenny).
Therefore deborphan does not show it.

the squirrelmail package allows you to use the old etch php4 package, though there is no php4 within lenny.
therefore, the php package won't get updated, ever.


Rolf Kutz wrote:
On 21/02/10 16:19 +0000, Benjamin Vetter wrote:
Furthermore, there is no security support for etch anymore, so it would result in using a rather old php4 package without security support?

It's recommended to check your system with
deborphan after upgrading to a new release.


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