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Re: Screensaver in KDE 4.2

* Boyd Stephen Smith, Jr.:

> In <200906101232.13509.zarl_jo@gmx.at>, Johannes Zarl wrote:
>>4) Screensaver/screen lock:
>>For some reason, the screen lock doesn't activate the screensaver. I.e.
>> when my screen is locked (either via Ctrl-Alt-L or via time-delay in the
>> screensaver itself), once I touch the mouse (and wait for the screen-lock
>> window to disappear) I can see the screen contents as seen before the
>> screen got locked.
>>I couldn't find a bug related to this one, so maybe I will file one. Or
>> did I just overlook a config-option somewhere in the screensaver-setup?
> Please file this as a bug.  Being able to view what the user was working on 
> when the screen is supposed to be locked (unless they opted in) is a 
> security issue.

I see this with KDE 3, too, with the blank screen server.  The screen
is locked (and moving the mouse shows a password prompt), but not
actually blanked.

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