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Screensaver in KDE 4.2 (was: Random questions about KDE4.2)

In <200906101232.13509.zarl_jo@gmx.at>, Johannes Zarl wrote:
>4) Screensaver/screen lock:
>For some reason, the screen lock doesn't activate the screensaver. I.e.
> when my screen is locked (either via Ctrl-Alt-L or via time-delay in the
> screensaver itself), once I touch the mouse (and wait for the screen-lock
> window to disappear) I can see the screen contents as seen before the
> screen got locked.
>I couldn't find a bug related to this one, so maybe I will file one. Or
> did I just overlook a config-option somewhere in the screensaver-setup?

Please file this as a bug.  Being able to view what the user was working on 
when the screen is supposed to be locked (unless they opted in) is a 
security issue.  I've seen similar, but only for a small period of time.  
I.e. I would move my mouse and see my normal desktop for just "a second" and 
then the screensaver would blank the screen and begin drawing.  That wasn't 
enough to concern me.  If you can see the unprotected desktop for enough 
time to take a digital photo, it could result in a compromise.
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