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Re: vserver path leak?

* Karl Goetz <karl@kgoetz.id.au> [2009-06-01 23:31-0400]:
> The suggestion in #vserver was "if you manage to get a host path on a
> recent (non broken, i.e. non-debian :) kernel and util-vserver, then it
> is considered a bug and will be fixed ASAP ... because that basically
> means that the namespace isolation is not working properly"
> Is this a valid bug? Is there some debianisms involved that could cause
> the issues, or is it just another upstream who doesnt like "unoffical"
> packages? :)

Only one way to find out, build a vanilla upstream, with the patch and
find out. 

However, I cannot reproduce what you have seen, using the same kernel. 


ps - upstream doesn't like unofficial packages either :)

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