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Re: How safely to stop using backports repo?

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 01:20:25AM +0700, sthu.deus@gmail.com wrote:
> Thank You for Your reply:

>> Otherwise, you can `apt-get remove` them (plus --purge if you want
>> to reset your configuration files) and re-install them : that way
>> you'll use the main-repo version and you won't want have security
>> problems anymore.

> That decision I feared...

> Is there a automatic way that can give me a list of the packages came
> from backports repo?

Give stable a priority > 1000 in /etc/apt/preferences and do an
upgrade in apt-get or aptitude or ... It will downgrade all packages
that have a version newer than in stable. Not completely guaranteed to
work (downgrades are not officially supported), but often works OK.


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