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Re: How safely to stop using backports repo?

On Wed, 2009-05-27 at 00:36 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote: 
> I have packages installed from backports repo. Now I want to remove the
> repo from my source list and therefore use not any more packages from
> there. My question is on security stuff, as AFAIK I can get into a
> troublesome situation - in case of simply stopping using updates from
> the repo - that in those packages bugs can be found but I will not get
> updates for them - because: backports repo is no more available, and
> the updates/security repos have updates but not for so high version as
> the ones I have.
> So, what is the secure and the easiest way of turning from using the
> repo?


You might want to downgrade your software to match the version of the
main repo, but it could do some nasty things with your configuration

Otherwise, you can `apt-get remove` them (plus --purge if you want to
reset your configuration files) and re-install them : that way you'll
use the main-repo version and you won't want have security problems

Anyway, leaving your software in their current state doesn't seem very

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