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Re: Secure Remote Application and OS Deployment?


Chip Panarchy wrote:
> Been doing a lot of research of late into the installation of Windows
> over a network (using the Unattended BootCD and a Network Share). Also
> a little into RIS (WDS).
> I am interested in how this could be done securely. To summarise what
> I would like to know, I have summarised it into the 2 questions below;
> 1. Is there a Secure way to Remotely install: Windows XP, Windows
> Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Linux (GNU way, so I
> can install the feature on any *nix) & Mac OS X, if so, how?

I don't know what you would define as secure, so it's not possible to
give good advice. Over an untrusted network (ie. the internet) it is not
possible to obtain 100% security (there will always remain a small risk).

I won't touch your windows questions. Maybe
windows-security@lists.microsoft.com is the appropriate mailing list?
;-)  [1]

Yes it is possible to securely install and administer GNU/linux
remotely, in particular Debian GNU/Linux.

> 2. Is there a Secure way to Remotely install applications (from a
> central repository) to the aforementioned Operating Systems, if so,
> how?

Yes, for Debian GNU/Linux all applications can be installed remotely in
a secure way. One possibility that comes to mind is via ssh.

As far as I know there is no secure way of logging into a windows OS
remotely via an untrusted network. let alone install and configure


[1] IMHO, the fact that there is no public and permanently archived
discussion forum about security is just another hint to show that a)
they don't take security seriously and b) their OS is so insecure that
they can't afford to take the risk of making a fool of themselves by
providing such a service.

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