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Re: Linux infected ?

Am I the only one thinking; "Wine can actually manage to get infected by 
malware now? Cool." Props to those guys for their hard work implementing the 
Win32 API so completely. Last time I tried testing that (in a quarantined 
sandbox) it was an insta-crash. That was a few years ago, admittedly.

Mind you, it because of users like this that I run ClamAV on all incoming 
email. Haven't had to berate anyone for trying open something 
like "britney.zip" or in this case something that ends in .com because it 
sounds like it's probably a website for years. Props to the ClamAV guys too.

On Thursday January 29 2009, Rodrigo Hashimoto wrote:
> Hi,
> I received a file via e-mail and tried to open it, then the iceweasel did
> nothing. I tried again and I realized the iceweasel was trying to user the
> "wine" to open a file ".com". Then I run the command "file" and I realized
> this is king of a virus to Windows and not Linux.
> This is a security risk to my debian lenny ?
> Thanks

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