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Re: Out of office replies

On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 08:14, Dusty Wilson <dusty@hey.nu> wrote:
> Sometimes you have a situation where the recipient is
> fred@someplace.com, but that is forwarded to fred@someotherplace.com.

Ahhh, but that is the recipient's problem (user generated) and
therefore not the realm of Sender: or ML.  Let those people, with
those convoluted setups, solve their own problems as opposed to
inflicting spam on the rest of the world (and yes, mis-guided OoO
replies are spam, IMHO).

> I believe that the easiest thing is to say is "Precedence: bulk" in

What about fred's man-in-the-middle Exchange that might clean up
"extra" headers?   Honestly if fred is fowarding email from Exchange
box to Exchange box it's easily possible that fred is removing

-Jim P.

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