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Re: Creating my own personal Linux distribution for Penetration Testing and White-Hat Hacking

For any set of packages one finds so useful that they're like their own distribution, I think the labor would be better spent -- more useful to the community I mean, maybe not as fun for you -- in extending / improving documentation on using those tools, or Chip's suggestion, which looks to me like 'debianising.' Your message indicates a comprehensive security strategy, and a large market for that certainly exists. But the additional work of maintaining a separate distribution seems like a waste.


Is there some means by which you can build a super set of packages as a package? I think there is, but I'm not sure how it works.

The idea would be to select a "Package" which would then select a large list of packages to install and others to make sure are removed and then move into a process of specialty configuration of those packages.

The net effect would be a "Diff" process to set-selections and then patch all the default installed packages that are critical to the goal.

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