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Re: authenticated NFS service on Lemote 2F

On 08/16/2008 01:28 PM, zhangweiwu@realss.com wrote:
Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
On sam, 2008-08-16 at 15:33 +0800, zhangweiwu@realss.com wrote:
The problem: the modified version of Debian Linux offered by the
manufacturer doesn't have nfs-kernel-server, only have
Can't you add Debian sources for this an install nfs-kernel-server?
I can. But this computer uses a very special CPU ("Loongson") which says
it is 95% with MIPS instruction set, so I am afraid their "modification"
is modify debian so they don't use missing MIPS instructions, thus
adding a typical debian mips source wouldn't work.

If they provide only binary images of the kernel, you can request them to send you the (modified parts of the) source, GPL makes this their duty, if they carry it out or not, that is, unfortunately, another question. Anyway, maybe there are already headers in /lib/modules/kernelversion/build against which you can build the nfsd-module, or maybe, there is a kernel-header-package available from the manufacturer.

Christian Franke

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