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authenticated NFS service on Lemote 2F

Hello. I am trying to set up authenticated NFS service (via kerberos) on
my Lemote 2F, an MIPS based computer. The computer have a
OEM-pre-installed modified version of Debian Linux from manufacturer.

I already set up kerberos realm, set up kdc, set up principal for the
host that runs NFS, I also tested rsh login with kerberos works fine. I
also set up NFS without authentication. Now it seems the only task left
is to connect the two sides, kerberos + nfs to build authenticated nfs

The problem: the modified version of Debian Linux offered by the
manufacturer doesn't have nfs-kernel-server, only have nfs-user-server.

   1. Does nfs-user-server has authentication feature? (I noticed the
      paragraph of nfs-kernel-server's description that mentions
      authentication with GSS is removed in nfs-user-server's description)
   2. I do not have to upgrade to NFS v4 in order to authenticate, is
      this correct?

Thanks. I have asked the distributor who modified Debian (and removed
nfs-kernel-server), but it seems they don't know what I am talking
about. Thus I hope maybe I could use some help from Debian Security
list. If this is OT can you also kindly tell where I should ask such
question? (I didn't find an Debian-nfs mailing list).

Thanks in advance.

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