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Re: clamav-freshclam volatile VS python-clamav

This one time, at band camp, Elias Goldstein said:
> Hi,
> I think i fuckd up the package system. I wanted a newer clamav and
> used the volatile packages - BUT I need python-clamav, which needs
> libclamav2 and now clamav-freshclam is "hold back".
> What can I do now? Please give me an advice.

You can install the clamav-data package instead of freshclam, perhaps.
The reason the conflicts is there is that freshclam will do a database
transform not understood by applications using older versions of
libclamav (helpful, I know), but the clamav-data packages won't do such
a thing, and should be safe (although totally untested - good luck!)

> I do NOT want to install python-clamav package manually from source -
> I am using a package system for obvious reasons.
> If I understand things right - python-clamav must go into volatile
> also to solve this problem. Is there another way? Am I the only person
> on this planet using python-clamav on etch or why is this mismatch not
> beeing talked about anywhere? 

You may very well be.  IIRC when I updated to libclamav2, I and a friend
did the fixing because the maintainer wasn't answering mails at the
time.  If you're interested in seeing python-clamav maintained, you may
want to try contacting the current maintainer.
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