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Re: Re: Is oldstable security support duration something to be proud of?

Filipus Klutiero wrote:
    I reported #468765 about a questionable statement on
    www.debian.org. Frank Lichtenheld wants this to be discussed. This
    statement is in a security announcement. Martin Schulze confirmed
    that he wrote the statement. Does the security team think that
    oldstable security support duration is something to be proud of?

I don't see any reasons why the security team must not be proud of the work they are doing. I think, that one must consider the fact that the security team does not owe anythig to anyone. What they are doing can be taken as a hobby that nevertheless is quite useful.
In Russia we have a clever proverb: "Don't like it - don't eat it".
If you disagree with Debian policy, if you think the security team has nothing to be proud of, that other distros' security support is better organized - do not use Debian.
Ur, I didn't choose my distribution solely based on the duration of security support for obsolete releases, fortunately. This is not a disagreement about Debian policy, just that announcement.

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