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Re: Why not have firewall rules by default?

On Fri, 25 Jan 2008, Török Edwin wrote:
> If it is 2.6, I suggest you to contact the netfilter mailing list [1],
> and show them your firewall rules,

What makes you think they don't know about this?  It is a design detail of
the way netfilter is implemented, and the two methods of acceleration I
mentioned (ip sets and hipac) are linked in the front page of

Hashes and other ways of making the packet travel a tree of tables instead
of a single very long one is just an obvious way to optimize it from

> with speed measurements on real workload.

There are papers on these, also linked (indirectly, I believe) from
www.netfilter.org.  I have read at least one by the ip set guys, and another
from the hipac guys about one year ago.  I expect the netfilter.org crew
actually *write* such papers when they are bored, there is no way they don't
know about it.  It is a trade-off on code complexity or some such.

And standard netfilter *is* good enough for most uses, plus with the way CPU
power is increasing, it is likely to remain good enough for most uses for
quite a while yet.

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