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Re: Bug#439335: CVE-2007-4131: GNU tar Directory Traversal

previously ...

Nico Golde <nion@debian.org> [Sun, 9 Sep 2007 14:30:06 +0200]:
> Hi,
> * Sylvain Beucler <beuc@gnu.org> [2007-09-09 13:56]:
> > Was this forwarded to the Stable security team?
> > 
> > If I'm given a tarball that can replace /etc/passwd, I'd say this is
> > grave bug.
> This bug is monitored via the security tracker:
> http://security-tracker.debian.net/tracker/CVE-2007-4131
> So they should be aware of it.

just noticed this going past in an osx update and had a "what ever
happenned to that?" moment.


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