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Re: Debian suggestion on File Deletion

--On December 12, 2007 12:19:28 PM -0800 David de Hilario Richards <boujin@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello Debian OS developers,

I have a suggestion for the Debian Project:

The system/administration section of the OS is password protected. This
is a good protection against viruses etc that would attack the OS but
maybe the Debian developers could include password protecting Emptying
the Trash. So when you delete files, they would be sent to the Trash as
always but if you want to empty it, a user password would be necessary.
This would prevent harm from viruses even though I understand that Linux
has very few of them.

The same idea could be applied to the Terminal. The Terminal would ask
for a password every time you would want to delete a file.

To my knowledge, today the only way of protecting files in a similar way
is to create different user profiles with different permissions.

To actually do that requires a fundamental change in the way the kernel implements access controls. SELinux can do these sorts of audits and preventions on a process by process basis. So it's already there, you just need to deploy it and set it up to suit your needs/environment.

Hope you will take my suggestion into account.


Michael Loftis
Modwest Operations Manager
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