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New Snort 2.7 packages available in experimental

Just a quick note to let people know that I have just upload packages for
Snort version 2.7 (released some weeks ago) into experimental. I've also made
an upload to the Snort 2.3 packages with a new set of rules (the 'Community
rules') which increases the IDS signature ruleset by over 800 new signatures.

There are many differences (new preprocessors, new functionality) between
Snort 2.7 and the previous Snort 2.3. However the major difference in the
Debian packages are:

- prelude support has been enabled for the 'snort' binary package
  (not for snort-mysql or snort-pgsql)

- (some) community rules are enabled by default in snort.conf

The packages at experimental have only seen minimal testing. I would
appreciate if people running Snort on Debian took a look at these packages
and submit me (directly or through the BTS) any issues related to them.

Once I'm confident that the 2.7 packages work fine they will be uploaded to

Thanks for any help you can provide testing these packages,


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