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Re: Encrypting drive

Vladimir Strycek <vladoportos@vladoportos.sk> writes:

> Hi all,
> im curious, i heard that its possible to encrypt drives in debian or
> any linux. But how does it work ? i meen do i have to enter password
> all the time when i wanna to boot server ? or its just for some
> special partition ?
> Any practice examples ?
> Thanks.
> Best regards
> Vladimir

You need a key every time you want to activate the encrypted device
but you don't neccessarily have to type it in.

You can store the key on disk for example. What would be the point you
ask? Well, say you have encrypted / and encrypted lvm. You would type
in the key for / and store the key for the lvm on / itself. That way
you only have to type one key.

To avoid typing in the key altogether you can store it on an usb
stick. Every time you boot you have to insert the stick and can remove
it after boot.


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