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Re: ftpd - security thread ?

François TOURDE un jour écrivit:
> Le 13639ième jour après Epoch,
> Lubos Rendek écrivait:
>> Can anyone explain why is this happening? Why is my box connecting to
>> that IP address without me actually knowing about that?
> Perhaps it's because ftp.wa.au.debian.org (aka poledra.it.net.au) is
> listed in http://www.fr.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/ as a Debian mirror ?
> :)

I first tough It could be him simply downloading this package from an autralian http mirror. I found out to effectively be the IP for ftp.wa.au.debian.org, but I received your email only when I was about to answer.

  How to reproduce It?  apt-get -Vu remove --purge ftpd

Then your next installation will again download ftpd from this mirror. Unless me missed something, problem solved.

Simon Valiquette

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