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Default-Release 4.0*: security updates ignored


At our site, we define APT::Default-Release (in /etc/apt/apt.conf), so the
consequences are limited when someone adds e.g. unstable to his
sources.list. For sarge, we set it to "3.1*", this works fine.

For etch, since its release, we set it to "4.0*", but this does not work as
expected, because
does not contain a Version-line. This has the effect that security updates
get a lower priority than the normal repository, so they are ignored :-(

Now I am not sure if this changed recently? Are there plans to add a
Version-line? Is it recommended to set Default-Release to "stable"? Up to
now, I preferred the Version number because it does more what I want when
there is a new release.


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