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Re: Security Debian Questions

Hi guys,

Please do not mis interpret this, but I think you guys are posting on the wrong mailing list. Please take you doubts to #debian or some debian help mailing list.

There are millions of people subscribed to the security mailing list hoping to hear about vulnerabilities if someone comes across any. So please use your judgment and post on the right threads.

Abdul Bijur V

On 4/24/07, Bernd Eckenfels <ecki@lina.inka.de> wrote:
In article <[🔎] 4629692E.3000401@gmail.com">[🔎] 4629692E.3000401@gmail.com> you wrote:
>  I read in there that it's preferred to set-up separate partitions for
> mount points such as /tmp, /var/tmp, & /home.

I would recommend to use tmpfs for /tmp and have a MP for /var. On a
Firewall you dont need /home. /usr and / would be RO. If you need a disk
based /var/tmp or not depends on the applications.


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