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Re: Security Debian Questions

On Sunday 22 April 2007 01:58, Jim Popovitch <yahoo@jimpop.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 20:30 -0500, George P Boutwell wrote:
> > I don't remember the exact details, but the problem I think revolved
> > around not being able to properly boot-up since the /tmp and/or the
> > /var/tmp where needed during the boot, but not being mounted yet.
> Actually in order for /tmp to even be mounted their needs to be a /tmp
> directory on the root filesystem.  Chances are, that it's not the lack
> of mounting /tmp, but rather the permissions of /tmp (mounted and/or
> unmounted).

The permissions of the mount point don't matter.  Mount runs as root with 
capability DAC_OVERRIDE so a mode 0 mount point will do fine.

If the mount-point doesn't exist or is not a directory then the mount 
operation will fail.

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