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Re: can not connect to sshd

On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 09:24:54AM +0200, LeVA wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm experiencing this problem:
> After my server has lost it's internet connection, I can not ssh to it from 
> our local network.
> I get this in the auth.log:
> sshd[10746]: Did not receive identification string from ::ffff:
> But that is all, I can not notice anything else in the log files.
> Also, I can not connect from the server itself (localhost):
> sshd[10797]: refused connect from localhost.localdomain (::ffff:

what says "netstat -lntp"?

> My hosts.allow any hosts.deny files are configured to allow anything from 
> LOCAL and from my network. After the internet connection comes back again, I 
> can connect to the machine.
rename / comment everything in hosts.allow/deny but above message
"connection refused" means that tcp wrappers haven't been consulted yet.

> What could be the problem?

iptables. reset all chains, policies etc. tail logs on _server_ and
do a "tcpdump -ni {lo|eth0} port 22"

matej kovac

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