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Re: security.debian.org extremely slow

5 hops, avg 5ms
I'm in Belgium and their server is in Netherland.
The debian security is too small to know if the file transfert is slow or not.
13hops, avg 109ms
7hops, avg 5ms


On 21 Feb 2006, at 03:25, Michael Sabala wrote:

host -t a security.debian.org
security.debian.org has address   <----- slow

I checked traceroute to from two different ISPs.

When the route goes through:
  ameritech->sbcglobal->he.net->xs4all.net then it is fine. (15 hops)

If it goes through:
  lincon.net->sprintlink->xs4all then I get low throughput. (18 hops)

Can somebody who previously reported problems apt-get'ing from
mention their route?

It looks like I'm having network problems somewhere along the way. Sorry for
the noise :)

Thanks, Mike.

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