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Re: hardening checkpoints

steve wrote:
Le Mardi, 20 Décembre 2005 16.18, Michelle Konzack a écrit :

But in ALL Internet Cafes I can use my own (selfmade) Debian Live-System
with my prefered Desktop.  In all Internet Cafes i get an IP via DHCP.

Wrong. I was in Milano (Italy) a few month ago, and I wanted to do exactly that. The person at the desk looked at me as if I were a Martien when I ask her if I could reboot the machine on my personnel Debian live-cd. First, she didn't understand what all that was about, and second she could'nt control my connection time, so she simply refused. Moreover, in Italy you have to give an ID (they do a photocopy of it; she couldn't tell me how long they keep it..) to be able to use a computer in an Internet Café (terrorism you know...).

Sorry ;-)

Wrong: in Europe you shouldn't mix Italy with France. I don't know anything about Italian or French internet cafes, but I would be really surprised, if there would be anything similar in the way their administration works.

For Italy, no matter what you do or where you are, it is always a sure bet, that the person behind the counter (hotel, airport, etc. etc. internet cafe) won't allow anything 'unusual' without double and tripple checking with his/her boss. This usually means that you have to insist and wait. (In Italy 'unusual' means 'slightly different from normal').

Short message: two countries in Europe (say Italy and France) are about as different from each other than any European country is from say the US.



Have a nice day

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