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Re: security.debian.org mirrors?

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Seliger <debsecsub@neovatar.org> writes:

    Thomas> Fox wrote:
    >> Why would you need a *full* mirror ? setting up apt-proxy on one
    >> of your servers and using it as a security repository for the
    >> other servers you're maintaining wouldn't do it ?

    Thomas> Yes a good idea and it can save your own bandwidth too ;) I
    Thomas> am using http-replicator [1] for both .deb downloading and
    Thomas> security updates, works like a charm.


Is it possible to have a warranty that the package in the mirror archive
hasn't be modified  by someone else ? Maybe my question  is stupid but i
wasn't able to find an answer on replicator website ;).

    Thomas> peace, Tom
    Thomas> [1] http://gertjan.freezope.org/replicator

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