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Re: SELinux

[David Pastern]
> Interesting question.  Sadly, for a long, long while, the
> development process of Debian has been slower than a dead snail
> nailed to the floor.

As a participant in that process, I have not had that experience.

> The inability, or indecision to actually include new technologies
> seems to be highly present across Debian itself.

Strange, never had that experience either. :)

> That said - when Debian implements things, it usually implements
> them a helluva lot better than other distributions.

We will see.  sysvinit got SELinux support a few days ago.  a lot of
SELinux related packages was uploaded recently as well, and I believe
several if not most of the packages in need to patches to work with
SELinux are already in the debian archive with these patches included.

I suspect what is needed, is someone working focused on fixing the
remaining issues, and making sure everything work as it should.  The
mechanism is almost ready, now we need to tune it to work out of the

For example, it would be great if someone used the usertags mechanism
to flag all the SELinux related bugs in BTS, to make it easier to
track what issues remain to be fixed before SELinux work out of the
box in sid and etch.

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