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Re: SELinux

On Thu, 2005-09-22 at 04:40 +1000, Arvind Autar wrote:

> Helllo,
> I have been using debian for quite some time now, how ever I have
> watched several distrobutions implentating so many great ideas, and I
> have been wondering why such a robust distorbution as debian
> GNU/Linux(*) hasn't done this. One of them is:
> SELinux
> If SELinux is also suitable for desktop users for example if we look
> at the targeted policy (for fedora and RHEL) it
> shows that it doesn't restrict users sessions. Short conclusion, there
> is no loss  of functionality, why hasn't debian implented SELinux as
> default?
> (Even we could get the right support for it in 'experimental')
> - Arvind
> (Could you be so kind to CC me, I'm not subscribed.)

Interesting question.  Sadly, for a long, long while, the development
process of Debian has been slower than a dead snail nailed to the floor.
The inability, or indecision to actually include new technologies seems
to be highly present across Debian itself.  That said - when Debian
implements things, it usually implements them a helluva lot better than
other distributions.  The goal of Debian is for security and stability,
and unfortunately (imho) that will counterbalance innovation and the
inclusion of the latest & greatest.

Just my 2.2c inc. GST worth!


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