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Debian Unstable & Grsec


The other day I updated my system (Debian Sid, with self-compiled 2.4
vanilla kernel + grsec patch) to latest packages, including glibc
2.3.5-6 and it got broken. Yes, it is a known issue:

But my question is:
- why is Debian not supporting such a great security enhancement like Grsec?
- is somebody using the following unofficial workaround?
"libc6-2.3.5 has arrived unstable some days ago... still broken...
but there's a deb-repository with a fixed glibc and other fixed packages...
deb http://debian.linux-systeme.com unstable main
(it's from the maintainer of the 2.2 kernel series, i guess"
- is it planned to release *official* Sid's fixed-glibc packages?

Thanks in advance for your clarifications.


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