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Re: anonftpsync (was: security archive defective!?)

* martin f krafft (madduck@debian.org) [050901 09:58]:
> also sprach Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> [2005.09.01.0858 +0200]:
> > I strongly recommend to use anonftpsync for mirroring any of the debian
> > archives
> What's the advantage over debmirror?

That it "just works"? :)

That all the neccessary directories and symlinks are mirrored, including
project/trace. Also, AFAIUI debmirror creates a much higher load on the
server you're pulling from than anonftpsync (as debmirror opens lots of
rsync-connections, whereas anonftpsync just does two).

I have seen lots of "interessting" issues with debmirror, but none with
anonftpsync till now (and I'm working on the debian mirrors, so I've
seen lots of different mirrors all over the world, with lots of
"interessting" failures).


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