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Re: security archive defective!?


* Marek Szuba (scriptkiddie@wp.pl) [050901 02:32]:
> Another thing the present state of the archive makes a major pain in
> the arse is mirroring. Since crip is listed in the Sources file, the
> non-binary part of the security mirror I keep for the local network has
> effectively ceased to exist, as even with --ignore-small-errors
> debmirror doesn't like missing files at all and doesn't install the new
> Sources file in place. I really wish this would be taken care of
> quickly... After all it's just a question of copying one file.

I strongly recommend to use anonftpsync for mirroring any of the debian
archives (though, with security, that could be unlucky much, as all of
the old stuff is still around :( ).


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