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Bad press again...


today the German  publishing househeise reports disruptions in debian-security

Rather free translation:
"Breakdown at debian security

Again the debian security infrastructure has proofed to be accident sensitive. 
This night, power supply broke down, taking security.debian.org being 
responsible for delivering updates offline. The power cut off happend in the 
data center rack the server is stored in.
The machine is reachable again since late forenoon.

A couple of weeks ago, the shipping of security updates was interrupted due to 
narrow personnel resources.For now, it doesn't seem, that the breakdown is  a 
trigger to introduce a backup system for the update server as a central 
element of the debian security infrastructure - as discussed earlier."

Sometimes it's just bothers me to read this news on heise.de first.
Nothing on deb-ann dev-ann or sec-ann.
What's wrong here?
And what about the mentioned backup system? Is there going to be one?

(Hope to) Keep smiling

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