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Re: On Mozilla-* updates

On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 09:55:03AM +0200, Jan Luehr wrote:
> Have I said so? I've tried to point out, that debian is "an universal 
> operating system" - as proclaimed on the homepage.
> So at least here is a common consensus for the purpose of debian.

In fact there is a controversy over that label. ;-)

> If I recommend to use another operating system for a more special purpose,
> what's wrong here? 

There's nothing wrong with recommending something else, but please be
careful with how you do this.  The message should be "also consider <foo>",
not "don't use Debian because <foo> exists".

(if there is a need to continue this thread, please follow up to a more
appropriate mailing list)

 - mdz

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