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Re: On Mozilla-* updates

> Debian is not primarily intended for being used as a desktop system. If you
> are up to desktop centric usage, you should probably run Ubuntu instead.
> Keep smiling
> yanosz

I Can't disagree with this statement more.

We have been using Debian on desktops for at least 6 years. There Was no
Ubuntu, or Knoppix.  I have seen no change in the debian docs that say "we
are now a server distro only"  It may be that you only use debian on your
servers, and so are not concerned with desktop/workstaion installs, but
including the beamline control and data analysis sytems we have over 75
"sit down" systems.  Debian is MY opinion is as much a desktop distro as
it is a server distro, and support for both is equally important.


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