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Re: New squid packages 2.4.6-2woody9 restarts very often.


> I can reproduce this by using wget on an URL which contains an ip (for
> example: "wget";).

Finally, this is the same issue I have with my SuSE box, but which I (and others) wasn't able to reproduce on Woody. There seems to be another factor. Very strange.

As I announced previously, I wrote a redirector script which either replaces the IP adress with its DNS name, or redirects to an error page if this fails. This results in some URLs still being unavailable, but at least it prevents the Server from crashing (without this hack, the problematic URLs would still be unavailable too, so there are actually no drawbacks).

I have attached the script for your amusement. If you use it, don't forget to adapt the URL in line 65 and 67 to suit your network. You may also want to remove the syslog lines - I used them for debugging and of course because I'm curious about what is going on :-)

With this redirector, my Squid runs stable for a week now. I haven't received any complaints yet about unavailable web pages (although there were some in the logs - mostly adservers which nobody misses).

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