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Re: New squid packages 2.4.6-2woody9 restarts very often.

Hi all,
I prepared an unstripped version of the same binary that has been
distributed by security.d.o. It can be found at


It would be helpful if somebody that can reproduce the bug could trace
it with the above binary and istructions from




Il giorno ven, 15/07/2005 alle 10.11 +1000, Woon Wai Keen @
doubleukay.com ha scritto:
> On 15/07/2005 3:33 AM, Luigi Gangitano wrote:
> I'm using
> - squid in transparent proxy mode
> - mostly stock configuration file, with two cache_dirs and transparent 
> proxy options
> - pdnsd caching DNS server
> I'll be happy to help in debugging.

 Luigi Gangitano -- <luigi@debian.org> -- <gangitano@lugroma3.org>
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