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Re: Re: New squid packages 2.4.6-2woody9 restarts very often.

Hi all,
I'm investigating this issue with upstream.

> squid: rfc1035.c:410: rfc1035RRUnpack: Assertion `(*off) <= sz' failed.
> Aborted

This is the error. Incorrect parsing of DNS replies.

> Since RFC 1035 deals with DNS and the Squid patch ist meant to
> specifically fix a DNS issue, I suspect there's a bug in the patch. Not
> knowing what better to do, I'm sending this message to the security team
> per CC.

Thanks, I tried to reproduce the bug with reported url


but didn't succeed. Can somebody please provide some more informations

- configuration file
- type of DNS used (BIND, dnscache, etc)
- a core file (if found)

I'm preparing a debug-enabled version to help extract more details, I'll
send to whom may be interested in helping with debug.


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